Eagle Matt Lee Fire Company No. 1

Eagle Matt Lee Fire Company No. 1 is located at 35 Washington Street in Ballston Spa. You can reach us by phone at (518) 885-6261. Remember to dial 911 for emergencies!

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Eagle Matt Lee Fire Co. No. 1 - F-135 Brush Hog II
2001 KME
Engine Ladder 13-2

This truck responds to all structure fires, and mutual aid calls for a ladder truck. It carries 400 gallons of water and has a 2,000 GPM pump; it has a full assortment of ground ladders and a 95 foot aerial ladder with basket used for rescue of fire victims from upper floors, roof operations and elevated master stream applications. This truck also carries an assortment of hand tools to aid in venting buildings during a fire.

Eagle Matt Lee Fire Co. No. 1 - F-135 Brush Hog II
1995 Central States
Engine Tanker 13-3

This truck responds to all structure fires, car accidents, vehicle fires, and hazardous materials calls. It carries over 1,000 gallons of water, has a 2,000 GPM pump; carries 1000 feet of 5 inch supply hose; multiple hand lines; an extra set of hydraulic rescue tools; and a thermal imager.

Eagle Matt Lee Fire Co. No. 1 - F-135 Brush Hog II
2020 KME Rescue
Rescue 13-4

This truck responds to all motor vehicle accidents, hazadous materials calls, structure fires, and water/ice rescue calls. This truck carries a full set of Hurst “Jaws of Life” tools to remove victims trapped in vehicles or machinery; different size airbags used to lift heavy objects off of people that may be trapped; various hand tools; and rescue equipment for water and ice rescue.

Eagle Matt Lee Fire Co. No. 1 - F-135 Brush Hog II
1990 Chevrolet F-135
Brush Hog II

This truck responds to all brush/grass fires, as well as pump outs. It carries an array of forestry tools to put out brush fires and as well as an on board generator and mini pumps to remove water from homes and businesses.

Eagle Matt Lee History

At a public meeting held January 27, 1815, the citizens of Ballston Spa decided to build an engine house and purchase a fire engine, and directed the Trustees to organize a fire company immediately. It took nearly two years to decide the kind of engine to be purchased, and September 6, 1816, the sum of $300 was voted for this purpose.

Engine House No. 1 was first located on the southwest corner of Bath and Walnut Streets, on a lot owned by John Wait. In 1845 it was moved across the street to the site of the present Village Police Station. The old house was a small, one story frame building, with a cupola for the Bell. This was replaced in 1867. After 123 years, in the year 1980, a new station was finally built and moved into, presently located on the corner of Washington and Bath street.

On June 10, 1843, the Fire Engine Co., No. 1, became known as the Eagle Fire Company. The equipment of the company at this time consisted of a first class engine made by Button and Co., of Waterford; two hose carts, ladder and pike poles.

The J. A. Harvey Hook & Ladder Co., No. 1 was organized July 11, 1868, and carried the name until February 16, 1887, when it was changed to Matt Lee Hook & Ladder Co., No. 1. The rooms of this company were also in the Engine House no. 1 on Bath street.

On September 25, 1933, as a joint meeting of the Matt Lee Hook & Ladder Co. and Eagle Fire Co., it was voted to consolidate the two companies, and the name of the combined company was changed to the Eagle-Matt Lee Fire Co., No. 1.. Charles Duffy was elected Captain and ably served in this capacity for the next twenty-five years.